The Fall of Armenelos

Nimirtha's Quest

After finding Nimirtha Malithar of the Timespinners, they set off to find her daughter. This does not go quite as they intended.

In The Grove

After a minor tangle with some bandits, the adventurers take their new cart and mules to the elves where they find out what they must do next: To the Timespinners!

Into Fangorn

After a disgusting trip down to see what is left of the tentacle monster, the party retrieves their shiny new armor and the newly-reforged Eye of Melkor. Aliya recieves an urgent message from the elves, and the party heads out to the forest of Fangorn. Shortly after entering the forest, they are attacked by blighted Ents and their minions. The adventurers handily defeat them and set camp for the night.

Under Nogrod

Waking up in the morning and finding Noc missing, the party goes to the Prime Forge to turn in the shards to Telchar. They find Noc, and after turning in the shards (somewhat reluctantly on Noc’s part) head down to find out what is happening with the gnome. Sick gnomes attack them in the dark, and after defeated them and taking their treasure, the party continues on the gnome city.
Accessing the city through a strange door, they find only death. In the heart of the city, a hole has be dug up into the main square, and as Paelias inspects it, a black tentacle strikes him from within. As the party flees back to Nogrod, they loose track of Banshee and find him where the gnomes attacked, looking none the worse for wear. The gnome bodies are missing! The party sleeps in Nogrod after alerting the guard to the horror below.

Arrival to Nogrod

After a harrowing encounters with Lava Claws raining from the sky and the undead inhabitants of a graveyard, the adventurers arrive at the city of Nogrod.
Aliya, Asselynn, Cadence and Noc stay in an inn on the main run while Bardryn takes Dayerth and Paelias to stay with her family, the Bladeslashers.

Along the Road

While travelling along the road to Nogrod, the adventurers are assaulted by various difficulties; a forest that is blocking the road that was recently passable, a nest of Anhkegs and a molten golem. All the while a strange ghostly wolf is seem following them. It seems particularly fascinated by Noc and eventually Noc gives it what it asks for, feeding it from his own veins. The Ghost Wolf now follows him dutifully.

Into the Roil

Collecting the last of the shards from the massacre at the East Park, the party sets out to the dwarven city of Nogrod to forge the Eye anew and collect the promised rewards.

In the Temple

The party exited the catacombs in Upper City and after a short meeting with Captain Pegason, burst into the darkened Temple of Avandra to stop the desecration ritual. After successfully defeating the cultists in the temple and finding some shards, they are given a script for more treasure from the Upper City Armory. They reunite the Pegason children with their Uncle, find a safehouse for the other children they found and retire to The Prancing Pony for a well-deserved rest.

Tomorrow they must find out what happened in The East Park, collect their rewards from the armory, and decide what to do with the shards that they now bear.

Through the catacombs

Wending your way through the catacombs, following the twitchy Gramm, you find an alternate path following the tracks of some other recent travellers. They seems to have laid an elaborate trap for you, but you overcame it and can move on with your lives intact. Next time: Escape the catacombs into the Upper City and stop the Dark Cultists!

The adventure has begun

You have learned of a dire threat to the wards that protect your city from the undead. You rescued Darren and the other children that were captive with him. You have learned that his sister Darla has also been captured. You convinced the mobster Bereg to send his sniveling crony Gramm with you to guide you through secret way through the catacombs into the upper city.


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