John's Half-Elf Bard



Cadence spent her early childhood among a band of itinerant entertainers in south-eastern Mittalmar. She spent her time in the company of talented people who were happy to share their skills and knowledge. From the storytellers she learned the heroic legends, poetic misadventure, and historic settings. Musicians taught her to play and sing, manipulating the audience through painful and soothing emotions. Her favorite games involved bluff and persuasion which she began to master under the mirthful tutelage of gamblers and carnies. While at ease among friends, Cadence viewed strangers as an opportunity acquire gold and favors for her community.

Gradually the encroaching undead forces of the Shadowfell shattered the rural economy and threatened travelers. Her bohemian band scattered and she was swept into Mittalmar’s lower city in a tide of refugees. Charismatic and streetwise Cadence organized a nest of young orphans into a slightly less downtrodden, malnourished and chaotic nest of young orphans. Cadence felt universally loved and was confident that even the targets of her clever cons were better off for having interacted with her.

As a young adult Cadence accepted an invitation to live in the upper city of Mittalmar with Lady Cassandra, a noble of Mittalmar. Lady Cassandra had been attracted by Cadence’s charisma, wit and passion for community betterment. Lady Cassandra mentored Cadence in the arts, sciences and history of the nobility, providing tutors were provided for advanced study. A master of diplomacy, Lady Cassandra was inspired to bestow her talents on Cadence as they both knew the young lady was destined to become a great leader. Together they navigated the social spectrum, entertaining (and influencing) magistrates and priests of the great temple with the same confident ease that they applied to political debates and brawls in the taverns of the lower city.

Accustomed to getting what she wants, Cadence knows that loss and hardship are unavoidable. One night after an invigorating brawl, that they had instigated and then orchestrated by hurling insults and encouragement from the roof of a public house, the women were ambushed by a small band of undead in the lower city. Lady Cassandra was slain before she could register the surprise attack and only Cadence’s initiative allowed her to flee and live.

Inspired by her grief cadence enlisted in the city guard where her bardic talents could be directed towards the protection of Mittalmar. Despite her lack of martial training she persuaded her way into a guard unit that patrols the lower city where she had always maintained


Aliya and Cadence have been friends for what seems like years. Aliya is a master with her bow but lacks Cadence’s social confidence. They look out for each other in combat and their abilities are synergistic.

Cadence had combat encounter with an unlikely ally: a dwarven fighter. She respects the dwarf’s strength and willingness to cooperate with Cadence’s combat leadership.

Cadence has no animosity towards the Stone Street Gang, she recognizes that a uniform and title are simply props and that crime does not fundamentally conflict with good.


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