Asselynn Family Fact sheet:
Siblings: 9 (5 sisters, 4 brothers)
Many “cousins”… We really aren’t sure who are siblings and who are genuinely cousins.
Family Profession: Hammersmith’s with a small contingent of brewers.

Asselynn Facts:
Named after fathers grand mother.
Used to be the youngest of her mothers children
Favorite toy: War hammer that had belonged to her g. Grandma
Favorite weapon: Greataxe (second favorite is her War hammer)
Left home 8 years ago due to her overbearing and stubborn mother (have you ever met a dwarf mother?)

Asselynn Stouthammer, Dwarf, expert with a great axe or war hammer.  She grew up in Nogrod surrounded by a family of mainly Hammer smiths.  Quite unsure of exactly how many siblings she has, she remembers playing and training with 5 sisters and 4 brothers, and many “cousins”. Asselynn was named after her Great Grandmother, and was doted upon by her mother and father.   As a young child she was gifted with a war hammer that had belonged to her G. Grandma.  After that eventful day you could often find her sparing with her siblings cousins.   As she grew up, Asselynn began exploring the use of other weapons and eventually became quite fond of using a great axe.

Her father was quite pleased with this,  Asselynn thought her mother to be over protective and overbearing.  Her mother thought her use of a large sharp axe to be an affront to the family name…an unwise to use while sparing with siblings, she often attempted to take the axe and force Asselyna to use the hammer exclusively. In a huff, after a long argument with her mother about 8 years ago Asselynn left home. She struck out with only her Axe, armor and a few essentials.   Since then she’s lived in the lower city of Armenalos hanging around the Stone Street Gang, and helping the other dwarven residents do odd jobs…especially the blacksmith (too bad he isn’t really a dwarf).   

In the years since leaving she has kept in touch with her family even  and is now one of 10 siblings (6 girls 4 boys). According to her father, her mother has kept her bed in tact with her G. Grandmother’s war hammer resting on her pillow.    While she’s missed home, she’s been rather nervous about her mothers reception…especially since she’s gotten really good with that great axe…however she wouldn’t mind picking up her war hammer again…and perhaps learning the throwing hammer.


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